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Caring Souls

The mission of the Kansas Wesleyan University Department of Nursing Education baccalaureate program is to prepare students as professional nurse generalists by incorporating the areas of biopsychosocial, behavioral and spiritual development into the delivery of nursing education so that students may provide client-centered care, pursue graduate studies and continue lifelong learning.

Why choose KWU for Nursing?

  • Community Partnerships!
  • Individual Attention for Student Success!
  • Strong, Revitalized Curriculum!

Kansas Wesleyan’s Nursing program distinguishes itself because of small class sizes and dedicated attention to our students, dynamic partnering opportunities with the Salina Regional Health Center, and the total revitalization and strengthening of the curriculum. Salina Regional Health Center is a Trauma III critical care facility employing nurses year round. Many scholarships are available! For more information, click on the link in the right menu.

This program is offered:

  • On Campus

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Nursing Program Accreditation

The baccalaureate degree program with a major in nursing at Kansas Wesleyan University is accredited by: The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, 655 K Street, NW, Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001, 202-887-6791.

R.N. to B.S. Major in Nursing

KWU offers another option for nursing students. If you are already a registered nurse, check out the R.N. to B.S. Major in Nursing online program.

Nursing Scholarship Information

Scholarships for KWU Pre-Licensure Nursing Students

  • Academic University Scholarships: Contact KWU’s Financial Aid Office for details.
  • Performance Scholarships: Contact KWU’s Financial Aid Office for details.
  • Phi Theta Kappa: $1,000 awarded to students transferring from a community college to KWU with a 3.5 GPA. Contact KWU’s Financial Aid Office for details.
  • Prime Scholarship: $1,000 for nursing students interested in pursuing a career in emergency care.  Renewable for freshmen through senior year; no residency requirement.  Deadlines:  July 31st for fall and December 15th for spring semester. Go to

Scholarships and Grants from the State of Kansas

  • Kansas Comprehensive Grant: $3,500 granted if a Kansas resident, can show financial need and file FAFSA by April 1.  Contact KWU’s Financial Aid Office for details.
  • Kansas State Nursing Scholarship: Apply to Kansas Board of Regents and find a sponsor for whom they agree to work one year for each year that they received the $3,500 scholarship. Priority Deadline: May 1. Go to
  • Kansas State Board of Nursing Scholarship: $1,000/year awarded to two RN students.  Go to for details.

Scholarships provided by Salina Regional Health Center

Go to for application and information

  • Kansas Nursing Student Service Scholarship Program: Ties into the Kansas State Nursing Scholarship, which awards $3,500 per year to nursing students accepted into a nursing program who have not received a nursing license, with a commitment of one year of employment/service with SRHC for each year of scholarship.  Applicant must interview.
  • Freshman Interested in Nursing: $500 per year awarded. No employment/service required. Interview not required. Applications reviewed monthly by the scholarship committee.
  • Sophomore Interested in Nursing: $1,000 per year. No employment/service required. Interview not required. Applications reviewed monthly by the scholarship committee.
  • Student Loan Forgiveness for recent RN graduates applying for employment at SRHC: $9,000 for a commitment of three years of full-time employment; $18,000 for a commitment of five years of full-time employment, with an option to renew for additional funds. SRHC current employees are not eligible.
  • NEW Scholarship (not part of loan forgiveness) for baccalaureate nursing students. Students must be accepted into a nursing program. $5,000 awarded per semester/$10,000 per year with one year of employment/service to SRHC or any affiliates. Must apply and interview with SRHC.