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Student Financial Planning


We make high-quality, private education affordable for you. 

The bottom-line cost between a private and public education may vary only slightly when you factor in financial assistance. At Kansas Wesleyan, grants, scholarships, and other funds can make the cost of a quality private university education affordable. If KWU is the perfect fit for you, our team will work with you and your family to make it a reality. We have numerous scholarships available, including a pair of opportunities specific to Kansas students. 

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Want to know how much Kansas Wesleyan will cost you?

Take a journey through all the scholarships available to our students. These scholarships include aid offered from Kansas Wesleyan, federal scholarships and grants, and outside organizational scholarships. There are many opportunities to receive aid to pay for your education. If you would like to see all our opportunities click on the links below.

Institutional Aid

Tuition and Costs

Payment Options

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Discover the Power of

Get an exceptional education at a small, private institution AND keep costs manageable after graduation.

Qualify for financial assistance programs and scholarships

On average, Kansas Wesleyan students received $23,015 in financial assistance programs (scholarships, grants, campus employment and student loans) this year.

Graduate in four years instead of five or six

Kansas Wesleyan students work with an academic advisor to create an individualized academic plan to stay on track for graduation in four years. Graduate earlier than you would at most large state institutions, which can provide extra years of salary earned and tuition saved.

Work while attending college

Part-time employment opportunities abound in Salina in a myriad of businesses. A limited number of campus employment opportunities are also available, primarily for sophomores, juniors and seniors. Internships at local businesses can provide a great way to combine earning power, college credit, great work experience and invaluable future employment contacts.

Don’t make assumptions about private education

Most of our students come from middle-income families. In fact, the average parental income is approximately $76,000. Many families with incomes of less than $100,000 qualify for need-based financial assistance.

Explore MYKWU

All of your financial assistance records can be found on MYKWU. If you need further assistance, please contact Student Financial Planning at (785) 833-4319 or visit the K-Dub Hub on the second floor of Pioneer Hall.